Social and Health Insurance agencies are under constant pressure to reduce administration costs and eliminate fraudulent claims while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience and improving the speed of service delivery.

The INTRASOFT Compliance Suite Risk Analysis components enable agencies to identify potentially fraudulent transactions and streamline valid claims. Differentiated interventions can be applied based on risk outcomes to ensure aid is not delayed to those in need while preventing benefit fraud and providing equitable enforcement for violations. Administration costs can be contained by focusing resources on cases with the greatest Return on Investment (either monetary or policy based).

Risk Analysis rules and predictive analytic models can be applied to all entities such as claimants, policy holders, employers, and service providers to identify candidates for audit to ensure compliance, provide equitable treatment of all parties, and uphold the integrity of social policies.

Increase control of non-compliant behavior from identification through to enforcement driving revenue collection.

Facilitate trade and provide speedier throughput, while increasing control and protecting borders.

Control disbursements and improve prevention of fraud while ensuring aid is not delayed to those in need based on risk outcomes.