Our specialised business-specific functionality is complemented by proven, industry-generic applications and technologies to provide a complete solution. As such the INTRASOFT Compliance Solution provides a tightly integrated set of best-of-breed business functions, while being loosely coupled at the technology level. 

The INTRASOFT Compliance Solution therefore enables Public Sector Agencies to not only efficiently tackle their core responsibilities while providing quality customer service, but also provides the flexibility to adapt to continually evolving business needs.

The INTRASOFT Compliance Suite is designed around an open standards based, flexible architecture that accommodates existing infrastructure investments and integrates to a variety of commercially available products and databases. Most compliance projects require some level of systems integration effort to integrate with the technical infrastructure, databases and existing systems used by the customer. This systems integration task is usually performed as a joint effort between the staff of Netcompany-Intrasoft and the customers IT organisation to ensure that the solution conforms to their standards and methods and the customer’s IT organisation is acquainted with the possibilities offered by the INTRASOFT Compliance Suite.

The company continuously monitors new technological trends and contributes to the development and actual implementation of new technologies. In 2019, we are investing in even more innovation and R&D both internally and through participation in venture capital funds and start-ups that will improve, or further develop the Group’s portfolio in priority areas. This investment includes expansion in new technologies e.g. Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Mobile etc.

We look to form new synergies and enhance existing partnerships with renowned vendors to promote a complete, top-class Solutions portfolio.