The INTRASOFT Compliance Solution

The INTRASOFT Compliance Solution combines Netcompany-Intrasoft methodologies and domain expertise with the INTRASOFT Compliance Suite - which consists of a set of configurable standard systems that can either be implemented individually or combined to meet the specific needs of an organisation. It provides end-to-end, integrated compliance; from entity Risk Analysis, through screening of transactions, selection of candidates for inspection, investigation or audit, management and tracking of cases, execution of audits and processing of their outcomes. 

It uses a knowledge-based approach to risk management that can combine rules-based knowledge and predictive analytics models with the knowledge, experience and expertise of key personnel.

Benefits include:

  • Improving voluntary compliance
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Treating taxpayers, traders, and citizens consistently and fairly.
  • Optimising revenue within the existing revenue policy structure
  • Easy reconfiguration to accommodate changing business needs - maintainable by trained users in your organisation.
  • Scalabilitythe system can grow as your compliance needs grow

Increase control of non-compliant behavior from identification through to enforcement driving revenue collection.

Facilitate trade and provide speedier throughput, while increasing control and protecting borders.

Control disbursements and improve prevention of fraud while ensuring aid is not delayed to those in need based on risk outcomes.

INTRASOFT Compliance Solution

Configure the INTRASOFT Compliance Suite to meet the specific needs of your jurisdiction.
Deploy a robust solution that can continuously adapt to changing economic environments and non-compliance factors.