The INTRASOFT Compliance Solution combines Netcompany-Intrasoft methodologies and expertise with the INTRASOFT Compliance Suite (also known as ESKORT) to provide complete, integrated coverage of the risk management, compliance and enforcement domains. This solution has been developed and enhanced in close collaboration with public sector authorities throughout the world.

The ESKORT Compliance Cycle is a convenient model for depicting compliance work as a cycle of related activities that are linked by the flow of information and knowledge. The illustrated model reflects business processes associated with Taxation Audits and Customs Post-Clearance Audits. It depicts:

The Pre-Audit Phase: which includes all activities from the initial screening of transactions (such as Taxpayer returns, customs declarations, accreditation applications, social benefit and health insurance claims etc.) and selection of potential high risk entities, through audit assignment, data collection, and audit package preparation, and development of the preliminary audit plan.

The Audit Phase: which begins with the generation of the final audit plan and includes all audit activities through completion of  the audit report for supervisory review and approval.

The Post-Audit Phase: which includes activities such as audit review, final assessment, issuance of notification to the auditee and support of penalisation and possible litigation efforts.

The INTRASOFT Compliance Solution supports all three phases of the Compliance Cycle and provides a comprehensive case management and tracking capability, to tie the effort together. This enables management to co-ordinate, and follow the progress of, individual compliance activities and produce management information about the compliance process as a whole.