An essential part of efficient compliance work is the ability to direct the compliance process and monitor the progress of actual compliance activities. With Intrasoft Compliance Suite Case Management all types of cases (e.g. inspections, desk audit, field audit etc.) can be electronically transferred between the different 'players' in the compliance process and continually monitored throughout their life cycle.

Case Management

  • Multiple Case Types
  • Configurable properties and workflows
  • Multiple Case relationships (e.g. a desk or document investigation could lead to audit, prosecution, and appeal cases or multiple investigations could be jointly prosecuted etc.)
  • Storage, distribution and management of electronic case files
  • Allocating case assignments
  • Monitoring the progress of individual cases throughout the compliance cycle
  • On-line supervisor and manager review
  • Complete log of all actions for a case
  • Reporting status of all cases
  • Production statistical reporting
  • Outcome and results reporting