Netcompant-Intrasoft has a proven capacity and successful track record in undertaking and delivering large, complex, mission critical projects and undertaking subsequent SLA-based commitments for warranty and maintenance. We are known for our ability to combine technical expertise with thorough understanding of customer’s business needs – including the challenges of maintaining the currency and effectivity of risk rules and traps and constant improvements to policies and procedures.

Our philosophy is to empower agencies with appropriate COTS components of our INTRASOFT Compliance Suite and the knowledge required to ensure that they are self-sufficient and therefore able to easily adapt to dynamic changes in both their organisation and the greater economic environment.

Our experience gained from years of implementing the INTRASOFT Compliance Solution throughout the world has contributed to refine our project methodology which supports:

  • All phases of the system life cycle
  • Clearly demarcated phases of a project
  • Clear and unambiguous agreements and milestones
  • Agile configuration and development approach
  • Prototyping and iterative beta version development
  • Application-based consultancy (integration of IT-competence with specific business domain expertise)
  • Incorporation of experiences of similar customers
  • Quality assurance
  • Customer involvement throughout the development process (both from the business and the IT side)
  • Utilisation of local expertise where appropriate

INTRASOFT Compliance Projects are typically staffed with Domain Consultants (with a professional background in compliance or private auditing and substantial business knowledge and/or management experience within the compliance domain), Technical Consultants (with expertise in the INTRASOFT Compliance Suite and integration with Public Sector Applications) and experienced Project Managers.